Dear Parent(s),

TEAM 40 again welcomes you to the 2016 marching season! 

The instructional staff and I are excited to be a part of what we feel is shaping up to be a very successful performance season. The enthusiasm and excitement of our students has been evident through their hard work for the past five weeks. I am very proud of their progress. We are looking very forward to our first game next Thursday night!

Bottled Water

As has been the practice in season’s past, we would like to supply our students with bottled water following their halftime and competition performances. It would be most helpful if every family could donate one case of bottled water this season so that our students can enjoy this refreshment following their performance! There will be one service hour offered for each case of water (up to five) donated. Please check your water into the band office so you can receive credit for your most appreciated donation. Our students are always very appreciative of your generosity!

Booster Meetings

I would like to personally invite each of you to our band booster meetings which take place each month on the second Tuesday at 7:00 PM in the Heritage High School band room. This is a wonderful opportunity to keep you up to date with the happenings of the band program as well your chance to lend input to our organization. Our next meeting is September 13th @ 7:00 PM.

Intersession Practice Times and Dates

We do have a home football game scheduled (October 21) during the inter session and do have plans to perform as is the case at all home games. Since we are performing that Friday night, it only makes sense to compete on that Saturday (October 22) and we have scheduled that to be the case. The schedule has allowed the band October 15 (Saturday) an open date so break plans can be made accordingly as we have no plans to practice until Wednesday and Thursday (October 19 and 20). Attendance is mandatory for these performances and practices. Please plan accordingly as the schedule has been announced and no excused absences will be permitted.

I do believe the work schedules of our adults should be a consideration when establishing practice times so this is what I have planned in hopes of resolving any transportation problems.

Friday (October 14): No Practice
Saturday (October 15): No Practice
Sunday (October 16): No Practice
Monday (October 17):  No Practice (Intercession Begins)
Tuesday (October 18): No Practice
Wednesday (October 19): 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Practice @ Heritage High School
Thursday (October 20): 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Practice @ Heritage High School
Friday (October 21):  Home Football Game
Saturday (October 22): Band Competition at Bassett High School in Bassett, VA

Marching Band Fees

An outstanding balance information sheet was distributed on Thursday to each student member with their past due balances. Due to the large amounts of unpaid fees from years past, we will observe a deadline (Tuesday, September 6, 2016) for all band fees this season. Should this deadline not be met, the performance privilege of the student will be suspended until the outstanding balance has been paid or payment arrangements have been secured. It is our goal to have all of our financial responsibilities met as a group in order for our students to realize the opportunities they so richly deserve.

Chaperones for Thursday Night’s (September 8th) Home Football Game

The role of chaperone is perhaps one of the most critical to our program as you will provide our students with adult supervision, positive adult/student interaction, and assist the instructional staff; while demonstrating model adult behavior and various other important responsibilities.

I will make every attempt to give at least one weeks’ notice to any parent/supporter who has been selected to serve as a chaperone for a home football game or band competition. We have over forty families represented this season and I want to send my thanks for your incredible support for our students! 

The chaperones selected for next Thursday night’s home football game (Thursday, September 8) are:

Bus # 1

Bus # 2

Bus # 3

Sindria Gray

Vicky Mitchell

Carla Mann

Kenny Fielder

Lafonda Gunter

Sherry Venters

Mary Clugston

Monica Davis

Ralph Carter

Nanette Boswell

Charmaine Davis

Patricia Carter


The support we enjoy from our volunteers is what keeps us marching! There are many opportunities to be a part of the excitement. Whether it is serving as a chaperone (football games and trips), working on the equipment crew, building props, working in the concession stand or any of the other committees, your involvement makes the BOMM a true family affair.  As per LCS divisional policy, all volunteers must complete/pass an online volunteer background process prior to participation. Please visit to complete this required form.

Updated Competition Schedule

I have been asked (and am more than happy) to update the competition schedule for the season as a couple of the locations were still being determined during camp.

Saturday, September 24-25

Overnight Competition in Rock Hill, SC

Saturday, October 1

Midlothian High School in Midlothian, VA

Saturday, October 8

Lynchburg Classic in Lynchburg, VA

Saturday, October 22

Bassett High School in Bassett, VA

Saturday, October 29

VBODA State Assessment in Charlottesville, VA

Student Attire for Thursday Night’s Home Football Game

As the hot weather continues to be a challenge, we will make every attempt to keep our students as comfortable as we can early in the season. In addition to the weather, we are still working to alter numerous uniforms including the guard costuming. With this in mind, we will wear blue jeans, gray band shirts and black marching shoes for the first football game next Thursday night. This seems to have been received well in years past and has become sort of a tradition with our group.

Our plan is to definitely be back to “business as usual”; with uniforms and costuming for the second home game on September 16th!

Discount Card Fundraiser

To help raise money for the band program, we have been teaming with Coach Bradley and our football program to offer the Heritage High School Discount Card to individuals that are a part of the Lynchburg and surrounding communities.

Each band student was issued five discount cards to sell for $ 20 each. In return, we will profit $ 10 per discount card. We have the opportunity to raise approximately $ 3000 if each student will assist by selling their five discount cards.

All unsold cards and money ($ 20 per card) are now due to the band office and we thank you for your assistance and patronage with the sale!

Parents are the BOMM/Parent Preview Night Potluck Dinner

I want to thank all of you that relived your “glory days”; on the band field as a part of our “Parents are the BOMM Night”;!! Our students were very excited with the incredible participation and you were such “good sports”; throughout the evening (hopefully there wasn’t too much soreness the next day). I cannot remember a more well attended Preview Dinner!! The food was amazing!! It was a pleasure to meet so many of you! It is indeed a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to teach your students and I thank you for allowing me the privilege. They are wonderful young people! I am incredibly proud of all of them!

I would again like to thank each of you for your continued support of the band program at Heritage High School. It is our goal to make band a positive and rewarding experience for your student. This begins with communication! Keeping our parents and supporters informed remains a priority!!

I am looking forward to an incredible year and certainly invite your participation with TEAM 40 as a part of # 1 Big Orange Country.