The Symphonic Band involves the study of concert band/ensemble literature and rehearsal/performance techniques of the ensemble on the moderate and advanced level of achievement. These ensembles require both inside and outside of school rehearsals and performances throughout the school year. This course will be offered throughout the year and be selected each semester of the student’s school tenure.  Since this class requires competencies and performance skills, the Director of Bands must approve all placements in/within the ensemble.

Standard Objectives

Following completion of the course, the student will have a better knowledge and performance ability with/of the following:

  •  Have the ability to accurately count and play simple and complex rhythmical patterns. These patterns will include various note patterns, note and rest values, various tempos and tempo changes.
  • Have the ability to recognize, identify and perform all notes within the required range of the chromatic scales.
  • Perform from memory, the twelve major scales.
  • Recognize and apply musical notation and symbols commonly used at all musical levels.
  •  Demonstrate the ability to perform an assigned musical part in and ensemble, individually, or in a full ensemble setting on the moderate and advanced level of achievement.
  •  Perform a variety of musical literatures on an appropriate musical difficulty level from various musical styles and periods.
  • Demonstrate proper technique for assembling, disassembling and storage of the instrument. This will include the proper care and maintenance of the instrument.